Kindness Meters in the News

May 2017 – “Carlsbad Sign Immortalized in LEGO”

Photo courtesy of Adam Sullivan of The Coast News Group

On the afternoon of April 29, the city of Carlsbad joined an elite list that includes the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge and Darth Vader.  It was given “The LEGO Treatment.” Read full article…

April 2017 – New Kindness Meter installed at Donut Bar in San Diego

December 2016 – KUSI News “Moonlight Youth Theater Kindness Meter”

The talented young adults of the Moonlight Youth Theater were invited to sing holiday songs on KUSI. Carlton and Toria also spoke about the Kindness Meter at Moonlight Amphitheater in Vista.

September 2016 – The Coast News – “Kindness Meters will light the way towards Carlsbad”

Hundreds gathered and danced on the street last week in celebration of lighting the Carlsbad sign in perpetuity.

Realtor and community leader Carlton Lund spearheaded the effort to install… Read Full Article

Wyland at Kindness MeterSeptember 2016 – The Coast News – “Newest kindness meters will help keep Carlsbad sign’s lights on”

The city will always be on. A pair of kindness meters will be installed Friday at the Carlsbad sign on Carlsbad Boulevard, one of which will permanently light the arch. Read Full Article

September 2016 – Seaside Courier – “Two new ‘Kindness Meters’ greeted with party in Carlsbad”

Carlsbad hosted a party at its city sign Sept. 23rd to dedicate two new nearby “kindness meters” benefiting local charities and the city. Read Full Article

September 2016 – Carlsbad Lifestyle – “A Campaign with One Mission: Kindness”

You know that something special is about to happen when you arrive at Carlton Lund’s office for a meeting and find a sign welcoming you by name taped to the front door! Spending time with Lund, founder of the Kindness Meter Project, is like being wrapped in a big warm hug… Read Full Article

September 2016 – Carlsbad Magazine – “Pay it Forward: Kindness Meters Measure the Quality of Life in Carlsbad”Kindness Meters Article in Carlsbad Magazine

“Kindness Meters look like parking meters. They are solar powered. What you get, as Lund puts it, is “Skin in the game, for as little as a quarter or as much as $999 by credit card.”” Read Full Article

July 2016 – The Coast News – “Kindness Meter finds home in Hillcrest”

Kindness Meters in Hillcrest
Photo by Steve Puterski

“Kindness Matters” is more than a motto for Carlton Lund. IT is a way of life and the Carlsbad Realtor’s latest Kindness Meter was officially christened in the Hillcrest neighborhood… Read More

July 2016 – The San Diego Union Tribune – “A measure of kindness”

Kindness Meters are popping up all across San Diego County. “If this is not a good time for kindness, I don’t know when is,” said Carlton Lund. Read More…

Kindness Meter Installed at Moonlight AmphitheaterJune 2016 – The Vista Press – “The Kindness Meter Appears at Moonlight”

A new Kindness Meter has been installed at Moonlight Amphitheater in Vista that will benefit the organization and aid in fundraising efforts for a renovation. Read More…

June 2016 – Seaside Courier – “Wyland Gallery gets eighth ‘Kindness Meter'”

The eighth Kindness Meter has been installed at the Wyland Gallery in Laguna Beach with 100 percent of the proceeds benefitting the Wyland Foundation. Read More

Lund at Boys & Girls Club Bressi RanchMay 2016 – Bressi Living – “Carlton Lund Brings the Kindness Meter to Bressi Ranch”

Thanks to Bressi Living sponsor Carlton Lund of The Lund Team Real Estate Company, a new way to pay if forward was recently celebrated at the Boys & Girls Club in Bressi Ranch… Read More on Page 30…

April 2016 – ABC 10 News – “Kindness Meters Spreading Around North County”

Channel 10 News highlights Kindness Meter efforts around North County, including a new meter at the Bressi Ranch Boy’s & Girls Club and an upcoming vote by Solana Beach City Council to add a Kindness Meter in their community. Read the full article.

April 2016 – Seaside Courier – “Kindness Meter Installed at Bressi Ranch Boys & Girls Club.”

As the article says, kindness is spreading in the city of Carlsbad.  The seventh permanent Kindness Meter has been installed at the Boys & Girls Club in Bressi Ranch this month. Read the article to see the special feature that this meter has…

January 2016 – Kindness Challenge with Kids for Peace

Hundreds of people showed their support for Kids for Peace and kindness in January at the “Kindness Challenge.” Carlton Lund dedicated the first traveling Kindness Meter at the event with 100% of the proceeds benefitting Kids for Peace. Watch the dedication video.

January 2016 – Seaside Courier – “‘Kindness Matters’ in Vista”

This article details the donation of Vista’s first Kindness Meter which has been installed at the Vista Civic Center. Proceeds from this meter will benefit The Moonlight Cultural Foundation which supports several performing arts venues throughout the city. Read full article…

Watch Carlton Lund’s Dedication of the Vista Kindness Meter

December 2015 – The Vista Press – “Moonlight Cultural Foundation’s Year-end Giving Celebration Extends ‘Kindness Korridor’ Through City of Vista”

New “Kindness Meter” brings a new way to pay it forward this holiday season and help MCF raise $30,000 by the end of the year. Read full article…

November 2015 – Seaside Courier – “Carlsbad restaurant owner, realtor team up for a campaign of kindness”

Founder of Tip Top Meats, John Haedrich, and Carlton Lund have teamed up to bring a “Kindness Campaign” to the city of Carlsbad. Read full article…

November 2015 – PR Newswire – “IPS Group, Inc. Donates Meters to Kindness Meter Program, Giving Back to Local Community”

San Diego based smart parking meter manufacturer, IPS Group, Inc. donates seven solar powered, credit card enabled parking meters to benefit local charities. Read full article…

October 2015 – The Coast News Group – “Kindness Meters Help to Pay it Forward”

Members of “Kids for Peace” and prominent members of the Carlsbad community gathered at Agua Hedionda Lagoon to dedicate the city’s first Kindness Meter which will benefit the Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation & Carlsbad Charitable Foundation. Read full article…

October 2015 – Seaside Courier – “Foundation Set to Dedicate ‘Kindness Walk’ at Lagoon”

Two Kindness Meters were installed at the Agua Hedionda Lagoon’s Discovery Center on either end of a half mile ‘Kindness Walk’ also adorned with inspirational quotes. Read full article…

It all began with a sign…

January 2015 – Seaside Courier – “Thousands Attend Carlsbad Sign Lighting”

A recreation of the historic Carlsbad archway sign drew a large crowd Thursday evening when the lights were turned on for the first time. Read More…

Watch the Video of the Carlsbad Sign Lighting

December 2014 – San Diego Union Tribune – “Carlsbad Sign Draws Positive Reviews”

The new Carslbad sign draws positive reviews after its installation over historic highway 101.  Read the full article…

December 2014 – The Coast News – “Carlsbad Sign: 14 Years in the Making”

The new Carlsbad sign awaits installation after a 14-year mission to resurrect a sign the city can be proud of. Read full article…

December 2014 – The Coast News – “You Are Here”

Carlton Lund stands under the 82 foot sign weighing in at 25,000 pounds as it is prepared for installation. Read full article…

July 2014 – The Coast News – “Downtown Carlsbad Sign Approved”

Rachel Stein writes a follow up article announcing the approval of Carlsbad City Sign and this 12 year project. Read the article…

June 2014 – San Diego Union Tribune – “Carlsbad’s Welcome Sign Approved”

The Carlsbad welcome sign was officially and unanimously approved June 3rd, 2014 by the Carlsbad City Council. The 76 foot sign will be navy blue with white letters spelling the city name and illuminated with LED lights. Read the article…

November 2013 – Carlsbad Magazine – “It’s a Sign”

Our own Carlsbad Magazine covered our story in their recent fall issue alerting the community of the wonderful gift that’s on its way. The article also talks about the exciting history of the sign and the possibilities of Carlsbad becoming “America’s Kindest City.” Read the article…

November 2013 – The Coast News – “A Welcoming Display: Carlsbad sign my arc over Village main street next year”

Rachel Stein writes a heartwarming expose on the sign project that illustrates what can happen when you adopt a “Never Give Up” attitude. Read article…